Thursday, 28 April 2011

Well yes, we haven't been that present lately but don't worry, I have now plenty of ideas and things to tell you all. I am on holiday right now (because yes, in France, we are apparently always on holidays, amazing!) Although I haven't post sunday, I hope you all spend a good Easter, and I am curious about how did you celebrate this day. Loads of food and chocolate? Pray? Anything to relate me? But well, today is a special day. Not really for me actually.
- It is the National Heroes Day in Barbados, how awesome is that? So, who is your heroe?
- But it is also the National Day of Mourning in Canada. RIP for all our dear people who leave us.
- For the Badí' Calendar, it's the first day of the Beauty Month so Ladys, enjoy yourself, have fun, smile, it is the best way to be beautiful after all!

 I also wanted to share with you all some things I am doing during holidays. I love staying at home actually, and my cooking took a turn for the better! I've made little peach-pie and cup-pie too. It is always sweetier when it's tiny, don't you think? So i can say now "I Love Cooking", and I should made me a t-shirt with this sentence. Do you want one too? Anh how about you all, Do you prefer cooking or eating haha?
But it's not the only thing I do on holidays, for sure. I am trying to cheer me up and work. I watch a lot of movies and series. Last movie i've seen was "Somewhere", and I have to say  : It was completely marvellous. Did you see it?

Hey,  I still don't know what i should really do with this blog, so feel free to ask any questions, to suggest anything you know. When i will have more reader, I am thinking of doing a game, and the winner will have a vintage foulard almost like the one on the photo. I don't kno if that interest anyone actually. So here it is, the end of this article. If I continue, I won't stop talking, so I will spare you.
Have a lovely day, and a lovely tomorrow, week, and life for sure ! xx



ellie said...

You'll think of something. Love the pics.

Anonymous said...

I love staying at home to cook and watch movies :) I haven't seen "Somewhere". I'm adding it to my list.
Oh dear, blog about everything!


Cynthia said...

je préfère manger mais après, tout va dans le popotin, alors cuisiner est un bon compromis ! :D