Monday, 13 June 2011

I hope you all are great, and that your heart is full of sunshine and greatness. Actually, I haven't been posting because I was completely overwhelmed lately. I had my prom bal on Friday, but it wasn't that good, the music was awful and the atmosphere really weird.. So I ran away with friends in a bar, and everything was much funnier. Then on Saturday, I was in London, tourism and relaxing. It was definitely awesome, and i will come back very very soon. And then, on sunday and monday, only relaxing and studying, because my exams are soon. I've planned to write a short novel or something, I don't know if it interests you actually. Well, I will probably post soon again.
I wish you all plenty of happiness, take car

Sunday, 22 May 2011

"If adventures will not befall a young lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad."~ Jane Austen

It is a pleasure to finally indulge on this small measure of escapism, for this I extend my gratitude to my dear friend for graciously keeping it alive. Unlike our elegant Sanae, I'm afraid I fail at captivating an audience with a light-hearted introduction. Let us start with the above photo... It captures a memorable moment of a daughter and her dear mother. In addition to the maternal bond, I consider my mother to be a cherished friend of mine. I felt the need to share this photo with you all as this is the first photo since my days of adolescence, that I was able to capture a photo with this sincere woman. Can you see the resemblance? 

Thou dost lust for bittersweet memories... 
Fear not! I am not tainted by such myths, but I have indeed been fueled by the beguiling Lestat of Anne's Rice's novel, Interview With a Vampire. You may also be familiar with the film staring Tom Cruise.  Upon being frustrated with the modern day representation of vampires, I felt the urge to reflect the dated period in which Anne Rice's somber world is set. Perhaps I would make a vampire 
worthy of being at Lestat's side, haha.

Oh! As this fine year progresses, I intend to update everyone on my intentions for next summer. I intend to spend the summer in Japan and will blog on both Blogger, with links to my Vlog on Youtube. I do so hope it would be of interest to some! I will welcome requests for my adventures... Expect extravagant embroidered kimonos and ancient Shinto shrines to grace your screen.

I apologise if my first post did not rouse your interest; it was indeed a random introduction. Until next time, I wish you all joyous happiness!

Monday, 2 May 2011

Remember when I told you I was on holidays?
                                Hmm.. It's over, today was the back-to-school, and yes, it was awful.

                                                         Someone can help me, pleaaase?

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Well yes, we haven't been that present lately but don't worry, I have now plenty of ideas and things to tell you all. I am on holiday right now (because yes, in France, we are apparently always on holidays, amazing!) Although I haven't post sunday, I hope you all spend a good Easter, and I am curious about how did you celebrate this day. Loads of food and chocolate? Pray? Anything to relate me? But well, today is a special day. Not really for me actually.
- It is the National Heroes Day in Barbados, how awesome is that? So, who is your heroe?
- But it is also the National Day of Mourning in Canada. RIP for all our dear people who leave us.
- For the Badí' Calendar, it's the first day of the Beauty Month so Ladys, enjoy yourself, have fun, smile, it is the best way to be beautiful after all!

 I also wanted to share with you all some things I am doing during holidays. I love staying at home actually, and my cooking took a turn for the better! I've made little peach-pie and cup-pie too. It is always sweetier when it's tiny, don't you think? So i can say now "I Love Cooking", and I should made me a t-shirt with this sentence. Do you want one too? Anh how about you all, Do you prefer cooking or eating haha?
But it's not the only thing I do on holidays, for sure. I am trying to cheer me up and work. I watch a lot of movies and series. Last movie i've seen was "Somewhere", and I have to say  : It was completely marvellous. Did you see it?

Hey,  I still don't know what i should really do with this blog, so feel free to ask any questions, to suggest anything you know. When i will have more reader, I am thinking of doing a game, and the winner will have a vintage foulard almost like the one on the photo. I don't kno if that interest anyone actually. So here it is, the end of this article. If I continue, I won't stop talking, so I will spare you.
Have a lovely day, and a lovely tomorrow, week, and life for sure ! xx


Monday, 18 April 2011


Hello to all of you dear Everyone.
Here I am, introducing my friend Freddi, that beautiful princess you've seen 3 times above. Freddi has probably ran away from a fairy tale, and she's now with me facing the real life. The life of books, music, vintage and flowers. People like Bowie or Vivaldi inspire her. But herself could be your inspiration. Just listen to the photos and to her smile, and you'll see what i am talking about.

Anyway, how are you all guys?

Sunday, 3 April 2011




                 Here I introduce myself with a playful smile, a lace shirt and my dearest sunglasses. And well, this new blog will talk about everything I want, everything my friend want, and everything you want. Life, thoughts, culture, movies, books, fashion, vintage etc. My friend Freddi will introduce herself later? She is a princess, so be careful, you will be amazed. We are doing this blog together. Oh and also, maybe i will dare to give sometimes some tips, it won't be too haughty I promise. 
Tip n°1 : Always smile, and You will be happy.