Sunday, 22 May 2011

"If adventures will not befall a young lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad."~ Jane Austen

It is a pleasure to finally indulge on this small measure of escapism, for this I extend my gratitude to my dear friend for graciously keeping it alive. Unlike our elegant Sanae, I'm afraid I fail at captivating an audience with a light-hearted introduction. Let us start with the above photo... It captures a memorable moment of a daughter and her dear mother. In addition to the maternal bond, I consider my mother to be a cherished friend of mine. I felt the need to share this photo with you all as this is the first photo since my days of adolescence, that I was able to capture a photo with this sincere woman. Can you see the resemblance? 

Thou dost lust for bittersweet memories... 
Fear not! I am not tainted by such myths, but I have indeed been fueled by the beguiling Lestat of Anne's Rice's novel, Interview With a Vampire. You may also be familiar with the film staring Tom Cruise.  Upon being frustrated with the modern day representation of vampires, I felt the urge to reflect the dated period in which Anne Rice's somber world is set. Perhaps I would make a vampire 
worthy of being at Lestat's side, haha.

Oh! As this fine year progresses, I intend to update everyone on my intentions for next summer. I intend to spend the summer in Japan and will blog on both Blogger, with links to my Vlog on Youtube. I do so hope it would be of interest to some! I will welcome requests for my adventures... Expect extravagant embroidered kimonos and ancient Shinto shrines to grace your screen.

I apologise if my first post did not rouse your interest; it was indeed a random introduction. Until next time, I wish you all joyous happiness!

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