Monday, 18 April 2011


Hello to all of you dear Everyone.
Here I am, introducing my friend Freddi, that beautiful princess you've seen 3 times above. Freddi has probably ran away from a fairy tale, and she's now with me facing the real life. The life of books, music, vintage and flowers. People like Bowie or Vivaldi inspire her. But herself could be your inspiration. Just listen to the photos and to her smile, and you'll see what i am talking about.

Anyway, how are you all guys?


Wei-san said...

I am Freddi's biggest fan, and I must say that even without editing, those pictures look beautiful.

Pearl Westwood said...

She is stunning, I am a Bowie fan too

ellie said...

Lovely, classic looks. Oh, I was just listening to Bowie's China Girl yesterday.

Very much a chill still here.

ivy's closet said...

Love the update. Hope you are staying well. Very inspiring.

Sara said...

SO VERY beautiful! wow!

Constance said...

Beautiful! x